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Effective May 14, 2017, Houston Methodist has a new patient portal, Houston Methodist MyChart:

Leading a healthy life includes managing your personal health information. The myMethodist patient portal offers you online access to your hospital test results and other health information in a secure environment.

What myMethodist Includes

  • Lab results for all lab work done at Houston Methodist
  • Information about your hospital stay and/or services you received at any Houston Methodist hospital (but not your complete medical record), except St. John or St. Catherine
  • Online bill payment
  • Instructions on updating your contact information

What myMethodist Does Not Include

  • Complete electronic medical record
  • Lab results from non-Methodist physicians or hospitals
  • Messaging your physician
  • A way to update information in your physician or health care provider's section


Frequently Asked Questions

(Download FAQ in Printable Format)

What Information Can I See?

My Account

Updating My Information

What Can I Do With MyMethodist?

Lab Results

How Does It Work?


What's myMethodist Patient Portal?

  • Online gateway for information about your stay and/or any services you received at any Houston Methodist hospital, except St. John or St. Catherine.
  • Note, you can only see information and not make any changes.

Is it free?

  • Yes — it's completely free.

How secure is my information?

  • Very secure — we're committed to the highest security standards, as required by federal HIPAA law.
  • For details, click "Terms and Conditions".

What if I don't want my medical information on myMethodist?

  • You can only view your information if you create an account.

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What Information Can I See?

Can I see my complete medical record?

  • Most information is on myMethodist, but for your complete medical record, Contact us.

When will my health information show up on myMethodist?

  • For your hospital stay, 12 hours after you're discharged.
  • For other services (like lab results), it may take a little longer.

How long will my information show up on myMethodist?

  • For as long as you keep your account open.
  • You'll be able to see your Houston Methodist health information dating back about seven years.

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My Account

How Do I Create My Account?

Four Easy Steps:

  • Go to myMethodist home page.
  • Click "Register Now".
  • Enter your information, click "Create".
  • You'll get an email — just follow the instructions, and you'll have a myMethodist account.

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Updating My Information

What if my information needs updating?

  • Click "Contact us".
  • Fill out the form.
  • Someone from Medical Records Department will contact you.

Can I update the information in my physician/health care provider's section?

  • No — if your information is inaccurate, contact your physician/health care provider.

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What Can I Do With MyMethodist?

What if I'm having a medical emergency?

  • Call 911, or go to your nearest emergency room.

Can I access my family's information on myMethodist?

  • Yes — if your family member gives you their log-in information.

Can I pay my bill via myMethodist?

  • Yes — there's a link to pay your bills on myMethodist home page, or Contact us.

Can I message my physician on myMethodist?

  • No — you'll need to call your physician.

Why can't I connect to my physician/health care provider's system?

  • You may need to make changes in "Preferences" so your own information matches exactly with your physician's information, eg name spelled the same with any middle initial, etc.
  • If the information doesn't match exactly, you won't be able to see your physician's info about you .
  • If you've made changes in "Preferences" and it still doesn't work, Contact us.

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Lab Results

Can I see all my lab results on myMethodist?

  • Yes, for all lab work done at Houston Methodist.
  • If you need your complete medical record, please Contact us.

What if I have questions about my lab results?

  • Contact your physician.

Can I see my lab results from non-Methodist physicians or hospitals on myMethodist?

  • No — you'll need to ask your non-Methodist physician or hospital for those lab results.

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How Does It Work?

Which Internet browser will work with myMethodist?

  • myMethodist works best with Internet Explorer (versions 8 and 9) or Google Chrome.

Is there a smart phone app for myMethodist?

  • Not right now.

Do I need to log out when I've finished?

  • Yes — it's a good idea to log out and close your browser .
  • Note, don't click "Disconnect" — that's different from logging out.

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Questions: Contact us if you have any questions.

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